What Are the Rules for Outside Guests at the Country Club in Northwest Louisiana?

The Country Club of Louisiana is a private, member-owned club that is open exclusively to members and their guests. Visitors can join a member for up to five rounds of golf each year, but they will be subject to guest and cart fees. It is the responsibility of the members to make sure that their guests meet all the requirements. Families living in Southern Louisiana, outside of the Baton Rouge metropolitan area, such as Lafayette, New Orleans, Donaldsonville, Marksville, Hammond, and St.

Martinville, are eligible to visit the Country Club. Similarly, families residing in Northern Louisiana, including Alexandria, Shreveport, Monroe, Ruston, and Lake Charles, are also welcome. When it comes to dress code, shirts, shorts, golf skirts or shorts must be of an appropriate length according to current fashion trends. Trousers, capri pants, traditional golf shorts or skirts of a length similar to those sold in the Club Pro Shop store are also allowed. The casual country club style should be neat and clean with no holes or fraying and should not be overly revealing or suggestive. Shorts, tennis clothing, or sportswear are not allowed in the dining room by the fireplace unless otherwise indicated for a club event.

Out of respect for members and their guests, cell phones should not be used for incoming or outgoing calls in non-emergency situations in and around the club headquarters and on the golf course.

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