Experience Luxury and Wellness at the Louisiana Country Club

The Louisiana Country Club 18400 Boulevard Louisiane Baton Rouge, LA 70810 is a renowned private golf club located in the heart of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg region. It offers an exclusive environment with top-quality club and outdoor facilities, making it the best family-oriented resort in the Coachella Valley. The Umstead Spa at the Country Club is a haven of tranquility, inspired by the natural beauty of its North Carolina setting. From organic botanical treatments to an exclusive product line, guests can enjoy a serene wellness experience.

Upon entering the spa, guests are welcomed by a personal concierge who guides them through their spa experience. The elegant treatment rooms feature a warm, natural palette with coffered ceilings and curtains that open to reveal the beauty of the environment. Renowned skincare lines such as De La Terre and Valmont are also available. The Madison Club promises to spend your days exactly as you choose, in an intimate and sophisticated setting. Learn more about the exciting local attractions surrounding the Carolinas premier country club.

Membership in the Wellness Center in the Tower is a perk included in Tower's all-inclusive residency fee, and is one of several optional services for residents of Garden Apartments at The Oaks. At The Country Club, guests can play golf on a classically designed Tom Fazio course, relax at the club headquarters, for members only, or release themselves from stress in the private spa and gym, which has recreational and lifestyle wellness equipment to ensure they feel at home. The Louisiana Country Club offers an unparalleled spa and wellness experience for its members and guests. With its luxurious amenities and natural beauty, it is no wonder why this club is one of the most sought-after destinations in North Carolina.

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