What is the Dress Code for the Golf Course at the Country Club in Northwest Louisiana?

Golfing at the Country Club of Louisiana in Northwest Louisiana requires a certain dress code. Men and women should wear shorts that are mid-thigh or longer, and casual country club attire is allowed. This includes tennis and golf clothing, as well as denim clothing. The clothing should be neat, clean, without holes, without fraying, of reasonable stature, and not careless or sexually suggestive.

Shirts, shorts, golf skirts or shorts must be the right length for today's country club fashion. Sports or sports pants or shorts, shorts, loose pants or extremely short skirts are not allowed. However, a tight sporty garment can be worn under a skirt or skirt. Tank tops, swimsuits, sweatpants, jeans, or jeans are not allowed.

Halter shirts, tubular tops or sleeveless shirts, or any shirt that shows a person's abdomen are not allowed. Golf hats and visors must always be worn with the ticket facing forward. Appropriate shoes are required at all times while using golf facilities. Only barbed shoes or approved spiked shoes may be worn on golf courses and practice facilities.

At the Country Club of Louisiana, members and guests should dress tastefully for the appropriate activity. Golf, tennis, swimming and fitness clothing are allowed in their respective areas. Cover sports shorts and shirts with the appropriate warm-up clothing when in the Clubhouse. Jeans are allowed at The BlueBird Grill, The Bunker and 19th Hole.

Club management and staff will enforce the dress code and management reserves the right to consider any attire inappropriate. T-shirts and tank tops are not allowed. Shorts are allowed but must be of the right style and length (tennis shorts or sports shorts are not accepted). Golf shorts are allowed and must be the right length for current country club fashion.

Shorts, tennis clothing, or sportswear are not allowed in the dining room by the fireplace unless otherwise indicated for a club event. The Country Club of Louisiana is a member-owned private country club open only to members and their guests.

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