Experience the Country Club of Louisiana's Special Events and Promotions

The Country Club of Louisiana is the ideal spot to experience a range of special events and promotions. Our experienced event planners will make sure your golf tournament is a success. Our gastronomic and social services provide exquisite culinary experiences that meet the desires of both sophisticated and traditional cuisine. From large social gatherings to seasonal events and wonderful holiday events, members and guests will always enjoy an unforgettable dining experience at our Club. The Country Club of Louisiana is a home away from home for the downtown Baton Rouge community, a place where diverse minds come together to form connections and thrive in an energetic and engaging atmosphere that encourages creativity and collaboration.

Bringing members of your organization to The Country Club of Louisiana will help generate new ideas, leading to better solutions to problems and greater productivity. Established in 1957, the Country Club of Louisiana has been the leading private member club of downtown Baton Rouge with a rich history and has enriched the lives of community leaders, business professionals and families for more than 60 years. The Stonebridge Golf Club offers the citizens of Shreveport and Bossier City an elegant and exclusive club environment where everyone can play. At the Country Club of Louisiana, we offer a variety of special events and promotions for our members. From exclusive discounts on golfing fees to special holiday events, there's something for everyone. Our experienced event specialists will help you plan your golf tournament or other special event, ensuring that it's a success.

We also offer a variety of culinary experiences that satisfy the desires of refined and familiar cuisine. Whether you're looking for a business lunch or a cozy dinner for two, members and guests will always enjoy an unforgettable dining experience at our Club. With our wide selection of special events and promotions, you're sure to find something that suits your needs. So come join us at the Country Club of Louisiana today!.

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