Experience the Country Club Life in Northwest Louisiana

Northwestern State University's Robert W. Wilson Recreation Complex is a unique facility that provides students with a country club atmosphere focused on fun and relaxation. The Chappapeela Sports Park offers a wide variety of recreational activities and a cozy, family-friendly environment. The complex features more than twenty soccer fields, twelve softball and baseball fields, two regular soccer fields, a water park, and a 1.5-mile walking trail that can be accessed from sunrise to sunset.

This inviting club stands out as an ideal destination, with its recently renovated 39,000-square-foot Tuscan-style headquarters, award-winning restaurants, top-notch service levels, and healthy lifestyle options. The Louisiana Quilt Trail, the state's first quilt trail, is an outdoor art exhibition that displays quilt blocks in homes, businesses, sheds, fences, and barns. From historic sites and music festivals to country cuisine and coastal wetlands teeming with wildlife, each visit offers an authentic taste of Louisiana's food, music, culture, and natural beauty. The Pro Shop store offers a wide selection of clothing, clubs, and accessories in stock as well as special orders and club tailoring services. At the Robert W.

Wilson Recreation Complex in Northwest Louisiana, you can experience the country club life without having to leave the state. Enjoy a variety of recreational activities in a comfortable family-friendly atmosphere. Explore the Louisiana Quilt Trail for an outdoor art exhibition featuring quilt blocks in homes, businesses, sheds, fences, and barns. Sample the local cuisine and take in the sights of the coastal wetlands teeming with wildlife.

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